1.  Life…Intro

     Randal Johnson-vocals and synth guitar

2.  You’re the Best of Me (2020 Re-Mix)

     Dave Hardman-lead guitar; David Milligan-drums; Randal Johnson-vocals, bass, and rhythm guitars

3.  2AM

     Dave Hardman-lead guitar; Michael Milligan-bass; David Milligan-drums; Randal Johnson-vocals and rhythm guitars

4.  Covid 19 Blues

     Frank Pratte-bass (and drum program); Marc Bickler-blues harp; Randal Johnson-vocals and rhythm guitar

5.  Forevermore

     Randal Johnson-vocals, acoustic guitar, synth guitar, bass, drums, and percussion

6.  Blue Girl

     Randal Johnson-vocals, guitars, bass, and drums

7.  Hurricane

     David Milligan-drums and percussion; Randal Johnson-vocals, guitars, and bass

8.  In Your Head

     Randal Johnson-vocals, acoustic guitars, bass, drums, and percussion

9.  Road of Life

     Randal Johnson-vocals, guitars, bass, drums, and percussion

10.  You’re the Best of Me (acoustic reprise)

      Andrea Elmer & Jeremy Mix-chorus & bridge vocals; Dave Hardman-lead guitar; Randal Johnson-vocals (verses) and acoustic guitars

11.  Life…Better Late Than Never

     Darek Johnson-drums; Randal Johnson-vocals, guitars, and bass


Bonus Tracks:

12.  In Your Head (acoustic)

       Randal Johnson-vocals, acoustic guitar, and synth guitars

13.  Girly Girl

       Randal Johnson-vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keyboard, kazoos, and percussion

With the exception of “2AM” (Johnson-Milligan), all songs written by Randal Johnson.