There Are People I Remember


Special thanks and gratitude go out to the following people for graciously appearing on this album.  David Milligan, thank you for your lyrics on “2AM”, along with drumming precision including “2AM”, “You’re the Best of Me” and “Hurricane”, and your overall willingness to to dive into this project.  Thank you to Dave Hardman for effortlessly knocking those solos out of the park on “You’re the Best of Me” and “2AM”.  Thank you to Michael Milligan, a Nashville pro, for sitting in on the bass on “2AM”.  Thank you to Frank Pratte and Marc Bickler for answering the call and being a part of “The Socially Distant” on “Covid 19 Blues”.  Thank you to Darek Johnson for your ‘skills on the skins’ on “Life…Better Late Than Never”.  Also, a big thank you to Andrea Elmer and Jeremy Mix for your time in lending your voices to “You’re the Best of Me” (acoustic reprise).  I guess it’s true what Ringo said…we do get by with a little help from our friends.


All tunes were produced, engineered, recorded, and mixed by “RJ” at Studio Randazo in Charlotte, North Carolina between October 2018 and October 2023, except for “Covid 19 Blues”, which was produced and mixed by Frank Pratte in San Diego, California (all from a couple of iPhone videos).


Finally, I want to give a heartfelt thank you to Bobby Krupczak, tech guru extraordinaire, for your tremendous help in creating this website.  I had a lot of ideas, that I couldn’t have translated into this medium without your knowledge and guidance (…and hand-holding).